Hours of Operation

Monday- 4:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesday- 2:00pm-7:30pm

Wednesday- 8am -2pm 

Thursday- 8:30 am-5:00pm

Friday-4:30 pm-7:30pm

Saturday- 8am -6pm

Sunday- 8am - 6pm

* Hours varies for scheduled events*

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**Now offering Couples Massages , 4 Handed Massages and Spa Parties**.

A La Carte Spa Services

30 Minute Facial


Our facial rejuvenation massage will leave you in a total state of relaxation! This signature treatment includes: a facial cleansing and exfoliation with steam, face mask, neck, hand and arm massage,  rejuvenating face massage, and hydrating moisturizer.  Unlike a typical facial the facial rejuvenation massage does not include extractions.


*Add Hot Stones $20 

* This treatment is performed by a massage therapist for the sole purpose of massage and relaxation and is not meant to replace the care of a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist.

Foot Facial



Our signature foot treatment is the perfect treatment to remove dead skin and leave  your feet feeling brand new! This relaxing service includes: A warm foot soak, feet and leg exfoliation, a foot mask with a steamed towels and a moisturizer applied with a relaxing foot and leg massage! you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud after receiving this magical treatment!

* Add Hot Stones $20

*Unlike a regular pedicure, this treatment does not include clipping, filing, or polish application. It is performed by a massage therapist for the purpose of massage and relaxation and should not replace the care of an aesthetician, nail technologist, or podiatrist.  It will not mess up your nail polish if your toes are painted!

Couples Massage


60 Min $210

90 Min$260

Receive a relaxing side by side massage session with your spouse, friend, co-worker, parent or whomever else you'd like to receive a massage with at the same time! Couples massages are offered in 60 and 90 minute sessions.

*Add Hot Stones $20 

*2 Therapist

Body Scrubs 




Body scrubs are a great relaxing add-on to traditional bodywork. They make for a perfect finishing touch! Body scrubs exfoliate and hydrate the skin and  include dry brushing, application of your choice of scrub, a light hydrating massage, and steamed towels to remove the product. 

30 Minute Massage


 Your massage service will be 100% customized to your kneads. Techniques can include: Swedish Massage Techniques. Deep Tissue Techniques and/or Stretching along with Sports Massage Techniques based upon what you tell us your desire during your consultation.

Massages can either be performed on a massage table or in a massage chair.

*Add Hot Stones $20

4 Handed Massage

45 Min $130

Four handed massages are massages performed by two massage therapists simultaneously! This allows for total body relaxation! One of the greatest benefits of the four handed massage is that you receive a full body session in half the time! This makes the four handed massage perfect for those that are consistently busy! The session lasts approximately 45 minutes

*Add Hot Stones $20

*2 Therapist

Back Scrub 




Back scrubs are a great relaxing add-on to traditional bodywork. They make for a perfect finishing touch! Body scrubs exfoliate and hydrate the skin and  include dry brushing, application of your choice of scrub, a light hydrating massage, and steamed towels to remove the product. 

Hand Treatment



Reveal your softest hands!

Our exfoliating hand treatment includes an invigorating scrub, along with a moisturizer applied through a relaxing hand and forearm massage! ooh la la!




Add a custom blend of essential oils to your spa treatment to create an aromatic sensory experience!

You will get to choose from an array of essential oils! Oils of choice that will be blended into the massage lotion or oil used for your treatment. Additionally we will steep a customized relaxing tea blend to inhale prior to your treatment!

Lip Treatment



Remove dead skin from your lips through exfoliation to reveal your most soft kissable lips! Our exfoliating lip treatment is the perfect add-on for our facial rejuvenation massage and other massage services!

Spa Packages

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you!


Save money by selecting a pre-customized spa package for your spa party or personal spa day!

*All Packages can add Hot Stones*


Ultimate Spa



Save 20% 

Pay $180

*Best Package Offer*

  • Massage

  • Facial

  • Foot Facial

  • Back Scrub 

  • Aromatherapy

  • Lip Treatment

  • Hand Treatment




Save $5

Pay $60

  • Facial

  • Lip Treatment

  • Hand Scrub and Massage

Face and Body Package


Save 10% 

Pay $90

  • Massage

  • Facial

We got your Back 



Save $10 

Pay $75

  • Massage

  • Back Scrub 




Save 15% 

Pay $100

  • Massage

  • Back Scrub 

  • Hand Scrub and Massage

  • Foot Facial

Spa Party Stipulations 

Base Service Policy*

When booking a spa party all participants who choose to create their own custom spa package must select a base service which would be either a 30 minute massage or facial.


Spa Party Deposit Policy*

When booking a spa party a 30% refundable* deposit of the cost of the base service multiplied by the number of party participants is required.


Cancellation Policy*

If you need to cancel your scheduled spa party for any reason you must cancel 48 hours prior to the date of your party to receive a refund of your party deposit. Failure to cancel within the 48 hour cancellation window will result in a forfeiture of the spa party deposit. 


Alcohol Consumption Policy*

We want everyone to enjoy their spa parties, and while we do not mind alcohol consumption of alcohol prior to of after receiving a massage could result in dehydration, nausea, dizziness and other unfavorable symptoms. Massage therapy increases blood flow and alcohol consumption within 4 hours of your services could lead to an overload of toxins in the liver. Please note that should you choose to consume alcohol around the session the therapist assumes no liability or risk for any alcohol related illness.


Still unsure about what you see?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have specific requests or ideas not listed on this page for your own customized spa party! We will do our best to accommodate create a unique personalized package for you!