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​Shakia has been my family's go-to massage therapist for years and she's the best! I love that she can come to you, nobody wants to get in the car and drive home after a relaxing massage. She comes prepared with all of the necessities for a great massage - massage table, heated blanket, relaxing music, and candles. She is very personable and is happy to either chat a bit or just let you relax in quiet and enjoy the massage. The best part is she is not afraid to do deep tissue and get the knots out! She checks in throughout the massage to make sure the pressure is good. Bottom line, make an appointment with Shakia, you won't regret it!

~Amy Feldman, Crystal City, VA~

"I have had massages for about 30 years by many practitioners.  For the last 3 years, I  only have massages by Shakia because she is the best massage therapist ever!  I now schedule monthly massages with Shakia and can't wait to see her."

~Peggy Coates, Fairfax, VA~

Shakia does excellent work! Not only does she do a phenomenal job at what she does, she takes the time to assess first to assure she delivers the care her client needs. Very professional!

~Marcella Alston, Portsmouth, VA~

I just got the BEST massage of my life!!! Book yours now!! Professional attentive and knowledgeable!

Amazing results

~Nikita Hudson, Knoxville, TN~

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